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My Background

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What I 


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My Granddad was a Swedish painter and cinema pianist called Waldemar Elfton Rosenqvist. He died before my first birthday but something of his legacy lives on in the name of my company. He is also the face on the company logo; the 1950s newsreader in front of a patchwork testcard.

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I am a self-shooting and editing Producer-Director who has made prime-time films for the BBC, ITV, Channel Four, Five, SkyOne, National Geographic, Discovery and American broadcasters.

I also have an extensive portfolio of corporate and charity films for organisations such as the NHS and Marie Curie Cancer Care.

Most recently, I have worked with Maverick Television and Channel 4 to make a groundbreaking series of shows about child behaviour called Born Naughty? 

The four programmes feature Dr Dawn Harper, with whom I have previously worked on Embarrassing Bodies and Dr Ravi Jayaram, a new face on television and an extremely engaging consultant paediatrician. It's due for broadcast in the next few weeks. 

I have also travelled around the world making programmes such as the acclaimed current affairs series Unreported World, Around the World in 80 Trades and Tribal Wives.

His daughter, Marianne, moved to England where she met and married Peter Kittel, an insurance broker who made films in his spare time.

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In recent years I have worked on medical programmes such as The Truth About Your Teeth, which has recently been broadcast on BBC1 and Embarrassing Bodies for Channel Four. 

During my time with Embarrassing Bodies I filmed and directed the Grierson short-listed documentary Charlotte's Story and a film about Eric, a man who went through major reconstructive surgery after a severe facial cancer.

One of his early classics was a silent movie called Monkey Man, which I have recently cleaned up and added a soundtrack. 

The film stars Peter's right-hand man, Brian Reid. Brian would go on to star in countless of his films. 

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In my career I've encountered indiginous tribes, terrorists, surgeons, police officers, soldiers, criminals, musicians, archeologists and dentists.

I am available for television work and can provide a full package for companies, charities and educational institutions who are looking for high quality video productions.

Peter and Marianne had two kids. First my sister Suzanne then me.

I suppose it was inevitable that I would end up making films. At the age of 8, I borrowed by dad's cine camera and made a film with my best friend Jason called The Parcel.

Thirty-seven years on, I am still making films professionally and still happily involved with the amateur film-making scene that my dad and Brian were so actively involved.

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What the papers have said

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'First rate current affairs story-telling.'

Sunday Telegraph

'Just as shame it's not longer.'

Time Out

'The Unreported World programmes are a valuable insight into issues that don't enter the mainstream as often as they perhaps should.'


'It was as compelling as all accounts of childhood suffering are – a plot line you can't turn away from because you hope so fervently for a happy ending. I'm glad to say Charlotte seems to have got it.'


'An illuminating instalment like this one comes along and makes the whole endeavour worthwhile.'

Daily Telegraph